The Esprit SE Race car

Steffen Brandt and Olaf Ramspott, who run a renown Lotus workshop here in Germany, Ramspott&Brandt, have built and run a very successful racing Esprit SE, which uses many parts available from this site. Below are some specs of the car along with a few pictures, here at Hockenheim.


- Based on the 2,2 litre SE engine
- Lightened flywheel
- Highly balanced crankshaft
- Balanced pushrods (statically balanced/weighted)
- Balanced pistons (statically balanced/wheighted)
- Bigger valves from the S300/S4s
- Ported and polished cylinder head
- Stainless exhaust header
- High performance P.U.K. Turbo
- Free flow exhaust system with cat removed
- K&N air filter
- High performance ECU: P.U.K. Red Race Code (max. boost. 1.1-1.25 bar)
- Estimated power output 340-380 HP depending on max. boost level
- Performance P.U.K. Clutch

- P.U.K. suspension Bushings
- And many more...

See the car in action !! Here is a 5 minute video of the Esprit during warm-up. (8.25MB, WMV format)