Suspension Parts

Fully adjustable suspension Type S-350 Review

4 dampers + 2 front springs
€ 1360,–
4 dampers + 2 front springs + 2 rear springs
€ 1495,–

- Complete kit, includes 4 dampers and springs.
- Fully adjustable : ride height, bump and rebound.
- Comes with Sport-350 bound and rebound ratio !
- Fit Esprit S, SE, S4, S4s, S300, GT3 and V8
- Available spring rates: DOT 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8
- And you have the choice between two types of springs: Type "K" and Type "L":

To order please specify spring rate and type.

- Type K is for all Esprits that have NO wheelarch extensions like S,SE,S4,GT3
- Type L is for all Esprits that have wheelarch extensions, like S300,S4s,V8
To select the spring rate, we suggest the following guide:
- Road use: DOT 4/5
- Sport road use: DOT 5/6
- Fast road / light track use: DOT 6/7
- Track use: DOT 7/8

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Complete Alu Kit € 2090,-

This suspension is a similar design to the above kit, but the dampers are made from very high grade Aluminium and the rods are strengthened/thicker.

- Stronger/more durable (thicker rods)
- Lighter
- Doesn't rust (anodized aluminum)
- fully adjustable
- Only available as a full kit (4 dampers + 4 springs)
- Comes with Sport-350 bound and rebound ratio !

PU Bushings for *late* S3 Esprits and all newer Stevens Esprits from 4-Cylinder to the latest V8
'85 - '97 MY (40 pieces)
€ 449,-
'98 - '04 MY (40 pieces)
€ 449,-

Esprits are fitted originally with rubber bushings, these are very low quality items. They deteriorate rapidly, split, crack, resulting in handling problems, especially under heavy braking where the car can be "wondering" all over the place, which is not very confidence inspiring ! The car does not feel as "tight" as it should/could.

The set of bushings offered here are made of very soft PolyUrethane and feature a stainless V4A core/bearing. They will provide a much more precise/accurate handling, the car feels "tight". But more importantly, because they are virtually indestructible, you can be sure that they will last forever and that their performance will remain constant.
The standard size bushings (the ones with the shoulders) for the rear suspension and the front lower wishbones are made from 3 pieces. This will help you to install the bushes without any special tools !
Highly recommended on road cars, they are simply a must have if you intend to take your loved one to the track ! These PU-bushes are currently used in the SE-racecar

* late S3 means the late MY85+ cars with vented brake discs*

'85-'97 MY
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'97-'04 MY
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Single piece bush
€ 33,-

For replacement and for people who donot like to change all bushings we also offer this single bush. It will fit in the following locations:

- rear suspension (complete) (88 - 04 MY)
- front suspension, lower wishbone, front (88 - 97 MY)

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PU Radius Arm bushes
€ 199,-

These two special Polyurethan + stainless steel bushes are for the rear radius arm to chassis connection. They greatly increase stiffness of the rear suspension and allow less movement and will give you a tighter and more precise handling. These bushes are a must especially on high power/torque applications.

The bushes come as a pair and fit all MY88-04 Esprits.



Adustable top links € 218,–

These adjustable rear suspension top links let you adjust the camber setting of your rear wheels, which is necessary if you fit larger than stock wheels on your SE or otherwise pre-S4 Stevens Esprit, if just to avoid wearing out the inside your now very expensive big tires in under 5,000 miles...

- Price is for the pair.
- You need to supply your existing links for this upgrade !