Adjustable Suspension
comments from Carl P. Golden, CO, USA
Hey Marcus,
Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the adjustable dampers/springs you sold me.
I also ordered the poly bush kit as well.
The car (89 Esprit SE) handles so incredibly well as to defy the laws of physics.
Thank you again.
Carl P.
PS: I know we Americans can be difficult. We are so used to getting instant gratification that we often forget to
appreciate the few engineers left that can help us with our cars. : )
Adjustable Suspension
comments from Al Brussich, USA

This past weekend I got the opportunity to put the new springs and dampers, along with the other suspension upgrades, to the test.
Up to now the best I could do in Auto-cross group placement was last or next to last.
At the Lotus Owners Group meeting in Birmingham I placed second in my class.
I do not know if it was all the suspension work or a combination of suspension upgrades and confidence in knowing that the bits were there but the results were definitely noticeable.
The car handled like it was glued to the course. I could actually feel at what point the rear would beging to slide out and I did not have to fight with understeer as I had in the past.
Being able to adjust the ride height and rebound on four corners enabled me to dial in the correct ride height and front to rear bias I needed and made a day and night difference in the cars response to steering input.

Thank you for your help in getting things set and for delivering the goods in time for the event.

Seeing the second place plaque on the wall sure beats reading my name at the end of the stats column. With a better set of tires who knows, maybe a first place finish is in the future.

Best regards,

Al Brussich

Houston, Texas
Adjustable Suspension
comments from Dannie, USA
Just wanted to let you know that the shocks and springs worked
out great for the track. but im also needing brake upgrades ...

A satisfied custumer Dannie French


Adjustable Suspension
comments from Trevor, USA
Hi Marcus,
I just picked up the car after having the new springs and dampers
installed. I have to tell you the difference is astonishing. The car
feels much more solid and handles brilliantly compared to before. This
was on the original 18 year old springs and dampers of course, but now I
feel it drives like a Lotus should do. It also looks better: the car
sits level at what was the original ride height. I'm really impressed.
Thanks again Marcus.
Cheers, Trevor