Performance Kits

To improve overall engine performance, the first thing to do is to improve breathing, then once this is done modifications to the engine management system can take place.
We have designed two kits which include all the parts that are required, at a discounted price. So, not only is it practical as it gets you started more quickly but, you also save money ! :o)
Two kits are available, one for the V8 engine, and one for the Turbocharged 4 cylinder engines: Turbo SE, S4, S4s, GT3....
For more info on a particular element of a kit, simply click on the little picture, this will take you to the relevant product page.

P.U.K. Sport 330 Kit (for all charge-cooled 4 Cyl. Esprits)
4 Cyl. Kit € 1299,–
Desired Chip

K&N Air filter

ECU Chip. You have the choice between Chip #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6 (kit price is the same). Just click on the drop down menu to select the chip you require before adding to the shopping cart.

ALDL Cable. This will able you to chat with your engine management system to know what's going on. Comes with a copy of Freescan.

Stainless Steel Sports Exhaust. This will greatly help breathing as well as producing not noise anymore, but music, melody.

EBPV Spacer. The EBPV assembly serves very little purpose other than being heavy and causing (expensive) problems. It has to go, so this spacer will replace it....

P.U.K. V8 Sport 500 Kit
V8 Kit € 4390,-

K&N Air filter(s)

P.U.K. Chip #3 DIY Red Race ECU

Code Reader. When things go wrong, this device will retrieve the error codes from the ECU, to help you figure it out...

P.U.K. Performance Turbos (pair). These Turbo provide 30 to 50% more airflow, they will allow to increase boost up to 0.85-0.95 whilst also decreasing heat, hence removing the need for aftermarket intercooling systems which would probably end up in the boot area, this destroying the original, clean looks of the Esprit.

P.U.K. Performance Cats. These cats are much less restricitve than the original ones, they will significantly improve breathing of the engine, resulting in much better performance.