Double Size Chargecooler

Big Chargecooler € 1290,–

This Charge-cooler is twice the size of the original item.

- Greatly improved cooling capacity
- Increases power output as well as reliability, especially in set ups using high boost (> 1.2 bar)
- Easy bolt-on installation
- Fits under the old style engine cover (turbo, glass back SE...) without modifications
- Later style engine cover (High-Wing SE and later models) does require cutting
- Ideal addition to the upgraded Turbo

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Charge-Cooler Impeller Kit  € 126,–

The perfect condition of the impellor inside the charge-cooler pump is essential to achieve the intended performance from your engine. Sadly the stock impeller deteriorates slowly as you drive, progressively robbing power. Replacing the deteriorated impeller with a very well made one will instantly give your beloved her wings back. This impeller is custom made using the highest quality compound, so that you don't have to change it all over again later.

This is a new design. All edges are rounded.
Its tested using the blue (Castrol) anti-freeze mono-ethylen-gycol 50% concentration, like recommended by Lotus in the Service Manual Section KE.2
Please note, only use the recommended antifreeze !
New ! - comes with proper paper gasket, O-ring and shaft sealings, now !