Oil Thermostat

For 4 Cyl. € 159,–

Stock Esprit engines do not have an oil thermostat installed from factory. The full oil flow is always pumped through the whole cooling system.
This results in an excessively long warm-up phase and in low oil temperature during the cold winter months.

- Greatly reduces oil warm up time
- Stabilizes oil temperature in all climates
- Reduces engine wear
- Less oil contamination with fuel and condensating water
- Easy bolt-on installation between the filter and the flange

For V8 € 279,–

Oil Thermostat for all Lotus Esprit V8

- Complete kit with high quality thermostat und threaded connection hoses
- Very easy bolt on installation

- Very short warm-up period
- Oil temperature stays at a constant temp. level (thermostats opening point is set at very "healthy" 80 degrees Celsius)