On this page you will find all the products you need to keep your Esprit in perfect shape. For a start, you will find the oil for the engine and gearbox, the only oils that are recommended by Lotus. Unavailable in the USA and other countries, you can now conveniently order them here ! No excuse for feeding your baby with "will do" oil, she deserves and NEEDS the proper oil !
This page has just been created, so please feel free to check the site regularly for new products !! :o)
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The P.U.K. Team.


Transmission Oil (500ml) € 11,90

Transmission oil for the Renault Gearbox (All Stevens Esprits, 88 MY on), the only oil recommended/approved by Lotus for the Renault box.
- Fully synthetic
- Protects synchros
- Smoother shifts
- Reduces wear
- Correct viscosity for the Renault transmission
- and many more...

Please note that a complete refill requires 6 bottles.

This is the "new" Castrol Transaxle fluid ! And the good news its tested and available !


Engine Oil (5 litres) € 71,00

- Fully synthetic CASTROL Edge RS 10W60 engine oil
- Has the "correct" hight temp. viscosity (W60)
- Gives excellent film strength under heavy load
- Stabilizes oil-pressure in high temp. conditions and at idle
- Gives much less oil consumption compared to a W40 or W30 oil. (IMHO everything below W50 is too thin for our Lotus engines, especially for the 4 bangers !!! Resulting in low oil pressure, high oil consumption, engine wear, tappet-noise ...)
- Castrol Edge RS 10W60 is recommended by Lotus for the 4-Cylinder and V8
- You will need two cans for a complete oil change, but will have some left for topping up :o)

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Windscreen Wiper € 39,-

- Fits on all Stevens Esprits 1987-1998
- High quality Bosch wiper with special mounting bolt included
- Very good alternative to the original part