PUK V8 Performance Exhaust, parallel layout


·         Stainless Steel 'fast road' use sports exhaust system, from the ‘cats’ back.

·         Delivers an extra 10 bhp

·         Offers improved low/mid-range Torque.

·         Delivers much sharper throttle response.

·         Engineered for maximum flow efficiency, using expertly engineered internal 'performance chambers'.

·         Strictly parallel gas flow, no cross over

·         Accelerated gas-flow reduces engine bay temperatures.

·         Produces a sophisticated, ‘tuned’ authentic 'Note' under acceleration when 'pressing on'.

·         Develops a fantastic ‘tone’ under acceleration, in keeping with the sporting image.

·         Perfectly practical for everyday use: does not suffer from drone, resonance, 'boom' or vibration.

·         Constructed using aircraft grade T.304 Austenitic Stainless Steel. 

·         Features Mandrel bent pipe-work allowing a constant internal diameter, maintaining a smooth, constant gas flow. 

·         100% Tig welding construction.

·         Precision engineered for accurate fit. Requires no special procedures to fit.  


Superior Sound – This exhaust sounds like a “sportsracer” under load, but is quiet when cruising. Does not vibrate. This exhaust is AWESOME!!!!