PUK V8 Cat Pipes




The stock V8 catalytic converters have 600 cells per square inch (cpsi). These original ceramic cats are VERY restrictive in their flow, only allowing an open area of approximately 55%. A PUK Sports Cat, alternatively, has only 200 cpsi, an open area of 90%, and offers near unopposed gas flow. The resulting increase in flow rates - with a virtual elimination of backpressure, allowing the engine to 'breathe' and perform better. Due to the removal of the 'sound - deadening' stock cats your Esprit will now sound as it should - phenomenal. 


PUK Sports Cats clean the Esprit V8’s emissions while permitting a significant horsepower gain and a huge increase in torque. Unlike illegal De-cat/Test Pipes, there are no negative technical consequences associated with fitting these innovative products - the original lambda probes are retained in their correct positions for the proper operation of the OBD (On Board Diagnostics) system.


PUK Cats are Euro-3 emissions level rated - making it possible for vehicle tuners to obtain high power gains, whilst meeting government emission levels and staying road-legal with high reliability.


Pipework, bosses, Lambda probe connections and Cats are all ‘Mirror Finish’ polished. Our System fits perfectly to the manifolds and mounting points, requiring no special procedures or modifications.