V8 Chip #3: Red Race ECU
Reviewed by Chris Weeden

Hi All,

I thought I would write and post my findings as I have just fitted the Race ECU as supplied by Marcus.

I fitted it at the weekend after running with the high torque ECU previously, I also have a Blitz boost gauge so I can see what is happening behind me.

The ECU is very easy to fit once the right hand fuel tank cover (which is the hard bit) and remember to disconnect the battery first also.

Once done I was ready for a test drive.

I let it idle for a short while, occasionaly blipping the throttle to allow the ECU to learn the idle without stalling, it would have been a good idea to turn on the air-con too as I found out later. :-O

Anyway, I set off nice and gently to let things warm up and also because I was a little apprehensive. I didn't need to be as it is very progressive and extremely smooth, making just as easy to drive as before. It is obviously more eager, even at slow speeds. The turbos do start to spool up sooner than before probably around 2,500 rpm but it is difficult to say exactly. Maybe Marcus could elabourate a little on the thresholds etc.

Once warm I wanted to see what the boost was like in the higher gears first, all the time I am being mindful not to abuse the lower gears with all this new potential.

I have a good bit of dual carriage way which runs up a long but not too steep hill. In 4th and 5th my immediate reaction was how blooming tireless it feels, there is no sudden punch, but a building surge which just keeps going and going. I changed up earlyish to 5th and it pulled like a trooper needing some brake testing before the roundabout at the top. :-)

The blitz has its boost warning threshold set at .75 bar (user definable) and it passed this which is to be expected. I need to change the threshold now and make the buttons more accesible so I can check the peak values too (I modified the guage to sit in the dash and the buttons are hidden for now)

Over the last few days I have driven it to Brighton (about 50 miles) on the motorway in this record breaking heat. With the air-con on and at a steady 85 units/hour the temp was rock steady with very little boost. In 5th it would pull from these speeds very well. At one point a spotty yoof in an Orion decided to sit on my bumper when we were all in traffic. Anyway I dropped it to 3rd at maybe 50 - 60 and once clear I 'booted it'. It took off and kept going through fourth, by which time (and this is the best measure) Jayne looked behind and said 'where is he, I can't even see a dot which might be him' - GRIN!!!

In short, anyone who wants more power should buy one right now. It is very driveable and although I have accelerated very quickly I do feel comfortable that I can easily look after the gearbox with gentle changes, change up early in the lower gears and not quite flooring it until maybe 3rd. This doesn't detract from the overall feel as it is still very fast indeed.

I haven't made any fuel consumption observations as I think it is irrelevant as I wouldn't go back now.

Thanks alot Marcus it is a very good upgrade and your parcel is in the post today.


Chris Weeden

A word from Pierre V. from France
Dear Marcus

I drove the car this week-end with the new Red Race ECU and it is great.
I really enjoyed the difference of torque and the power.
Amazing job !!

A word from Pierre L. from Québec, Canada

Hi Marcus !

I installed it without problem !!

SUPER SUPER i think, it changed the car !!!

I like this new programme.



Pierre Laflamme