4 Cyl. Chip #6: Red-Race-code
Reviewed by L.R. San Diego, CA

Thank you for all your help with the items I purchased. Specially with the Red Race code chip #6, this chip is amazing. It was a very big change from the stock one in combination with the free flow cat, exhaust, primary and secondary injectors, fuel pump and Filter, has awaken a real beast. I can’t thank you enough for helping me with all the questions I had, your customer service is amazing and I will definitely get in touch when it is time to upgrade the turbo.


4 Cyl. Chip #6: Red-Race-code
Reviewed by Bill Sun for Lotus Esprit World

I have installed my new #6 Red Race Chip about one week ago, and had the chance to take it out for 2 drives. I have not fully explored it's upper limits yet, but I am really amazed at the new power and low end torque. Let me start by telling you about the performance modification on my 1995 Esprit S4s.

- K & N Air Filter
- Ram Air Conversion
- Justin Mcaulay's Dump Valve
- 2002 Esprit OZ wheels with Michelin Pilot tires
- Magnaflow stainless steel free flow exhaust system with 3 inch inlet and quad tip exhaust outlet.
- Chip #5 High Performance 330 HP Chip

Originally, when I changed from the stock S4s chip to the #5 High Performance 330 HP Chip, I was already amazed at the huge power increase that I got from it versus stock. The car was extremely fast and had no problem keeping up with the newer twin turbo V8s.

Now with the new #6 chip, my first drive felt like I was driving a completely different car. The boost came on instantly and the car had a lot of low end torque right from the start. The car was much easier to drive both slow and fast (unlike the #5 chip, which felt more at home in the higher rpm range). The turbo lag was so minimal that it felt almost nonexistent. The power and the torque was just smooth from the start that you would almost forget that there was a turbo in there. The car shot off right away like a big V8 and continued to rev. very quickly to almost infinity (at least it felt that way).

The car's power come on so fast and hard that it made me a little nervous at first. I love this new found power. Viper like power with Esprit performance. I don't know exactly how much more horse power that my S4s have gained from the #6 Red Race Chip versus the #5 High Performance 330 HP chip, but I am certain, it is much more than 330 HP (considering all my modifications).

My good friend Ed Miller at the same time ordered the same #6 Red Race Chip as me, and he has confirmed to me the same results. A few close Lotus friends and I are planning to get our Esprits on a dyno, and I am eager to see my results.

I had a little stalling problem on my first test drive, but my second drive seem to be fine. It could have been attributed to my initial impatience to allow the car's computer to relearn itself to the new chip. Today, I was advised by our local Lotus expert (Harry Appleby) here in Southern California, USA, on the how to process of allowing the computer to relearn the new software. I have followed his instructions, and will be going for a few more test drives this week.

A word from Roger B., Switzerland

Hallo Marcus,

Also erstmal, WOW, habe den Chip jetzt eingebaut... das ist echt geil wie das geht... leider hat es den ganzen Tag leicht geregnet und meine Reifen sind nicht mehr ganz neu... hatte sogar im
4. Gang noch Wheelspin.... echt geil, ich hoffe jetzt das es morgen einigermassen trocken ist.....

Also ich wünsche dir noch einen schönen Sonntag....


A word from Bruno B., Portugal


Please, don't take this the wrong way but I feel like kissing you....
Just came back from my first spin with the Esprit and the car feels just ORGASMIC!
There's practically no turbo lag, the surge of power is super-imediate and progressive....
The chip along with the sports exhaust (seems to be cooking popcorns....) seem to provide some kind of psychologic "hard-on"...it's just amazing....!
And besides this, the car becomes much more fun on tight and medium speed turns, result of low end torque ...drifting also becomes a reality now.....hey, you are the best thing that happened to my Esprit, thanks... ;) I was only aware of one problem....the clutch overheated once and I had to wait a little for it to cool down, but I also provoqued it, it's true.... :P


Bruno Belo

A word from André Cézanne, Australia

Well, the chip from Marcus has arrived. All I can say is outstanding customer service. Again, thank you!

Now, onto the chip.
Basically, I cannot find enough superlatives and one liners to describe the performance of the car. It's outstanding. No matter how fast an Esprit would be, I would always get used too it and think that it would be too slow. This one though, it literraly is scary to drive. The amount of force that it launches itself forward is bloodcurling. And virtually no turbo lag, makes it very easy to drive at slow speeds.

The car is very well behaved and much more civilised, and then the little evil voice in your head tells you to floor it... WHOOAAAAAA. The thing is crazy!

I have driven many fast cars, including Diablos on and off the track and none have felt like this. I am not sure if it's only perception, but this thing feels much quicker.

All in all, I am so happy, I don't think I can sleep much tonight as I am just looking forward to tomorrow to take her out again and watch her bitch slap me into submission.


A word from Graham Elliott, Netherlands

Hi Marcus,

Managed the injectors okay, it was like Dermot explained and as I
though, they were to far in the Chargecooler end..for reference I have
put the retaining bracket on the lower of the grooves and all appears

I also today did the chip.... WOW that is bloody fantastic ...

I started off with a slow careful drive to check the injectors and bed
in my new rear disks and I though hmmm pretty docile, nice and smooth no
stumble a lot more driveable at low speed.
Then after a fuel stop, I gave her a bit of right foot and I couldn't
stop grinning. I thought my Esprit was fast and certainly a lot of
people have already asked if I have had it chipped as it is one of the
quick ones, but Jesus this chip is phenomenal. The performance in all
gears is just so much better, even cruising around 120 in 5th doesn't
require a change down to accelerate away from most cars when overtaking,
but drop it down a couple of gears and wow, the back end kicks and off
she goes. This is a new car with the performance an Esprit should have
had from the start....I can't wait until Friday when I get a chance to
test her on the track at Zandvoort..

I will definitely be promoting this chip to all Esprit owners I come

Thank you Thank you Thank you..

p.s. Next month I'll have the wastegate as I am a bit worried about mine
packing up with all this power - I'll email you when I need it..


Hi Marcus,
Just thought I would let you know how I got on with the chip now that I have got a bit more used to it.. Friday I had a track day at Zandvoort and found that the extra torque was really noticeable, on some corners where I usually change down to second to ensure sufficient power out of the corner I was able to leave her in third and had plenty of power when I cam out of the corners, this was a real help as sometimes I was locking up going into second so was able to actually enter the corners faster as well. It was also interesting to note that on the straights where I usually hit the rev limiter I only managed it a couple of times so the raised red line and increased speed really helped. A friend of mine with an Esprit S4 who also has your chip 11 (red race) and on one lap we exited the last corner together and I was easily able to overtake him on the straight and within ˝ a lap he was no where to be seen which was nice as well. But I think I would have been struggling if I had not had the chip in. The only thing now is I really notice the lift of the front end under heavy acceleration so definitely need to stiffen up the suspension on the rear and the standard soft suspension on the track is not as good a feeling as I would like. Another time on the start finish straight I was right behind a Porsche GT3 RS and he couldn’t loose me, in fact I was gaining on him inch by inch, so this chip as far as I am concerned is fantastic, also my friend is so much happier with his S4 now as well so thanks again from both of us.