This is the place to shout out your love for us, at PUK Esprit Racing. Your comments on a particular product will be placed in the relevant 'review' page in the Products section, but for general love letters, this is the place ! :o)

[...] I wanted to write about my experiences with Marcus. 
Honestly, Marcus has made it possible for me to easily satisfy my Esprit passion.  Never once have I ever sensed the least bit of negativity from Marcus, when asking technical questions about the services he provides, or just asking advice on technical issues in which he has no monetary interest (I know I can be a pain the butt, sometimes).  Marcus is always prompt and very concise, with his return messages of advice.  His prices are fair, and he backs up his Esprit advice with facts (very hard to come by, these days).  Anyway, thanks to Marcus and
everyone else, who makes Esprit ownership that much pleasurable. 

Good luck to P.U.K. Esprit! 

Sincere regards,

89' SE

[...] Marcus couldn't be more helpful and is very pleasant to deal with.
I called him last Sunday afternoon as my car wouldn't run. Marcus did a lot of running around for me as I was in Germany and arranged for Rampott and Brandt (who were closer to me) to help. It turned out that the inertia cut out switch had decided to pop and just needed resetting, but until this was discovered Marcus was invaluable.

Chris Weeden

V8 Esprit


Hello, We haven't spoken in a while , but I had to e-mail.  Not only were you great to work with... your products have exceeded my expectations.  They are so good it is hard to believe.  The coilovers are so good it is just insane.  The ride is even smoother than before... which is SHOCKING.  The exhaust is great.   I just had to let you know.  I hope your business is doing well …

Tim Neely, USA



Completed the suspension rebuild – everything new – shocks, springs, upper and lower ball joints, tie rod ends – and of course your polybushings!

Everything fit together well and I am completely impressed with the ride improvement. Installing the new bushings was not any problem at all.

Thanks a million for providing this wonderful upgrade for the Esprit.

Tom M.