To place an order or if you need help selecting the right product for your car, or any other information, you can contact me by:

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Tel: 0049 (0)821 808998835
Fax: 0049 (0)821 808998813

NOTE : Although I just love talking Esprits over the phone, please also understand that I also need to sleep ! ;o) I have received many phone calls from people overseas that woke me up litterally in the middle of the night ! :-O So when you call, please take my time zone into consideration ! PUK is based in central Europe, which is about GMT.

We can ship worldwide. VISA, Mastercard and Eurocards are accepted.

Pricing and Taxes

All prices on this website for all products and delivery costs are exclusive of VAT (Value Added Tax). Where VAT is applicable, the following rates apply.

EU: For private orders made from the European Union, VAT will be charged. For trade orders made from the European Union, no VAT will be charged as long as an appropriate business Tax Number is provided.

Worldwide: For private or trade orders from non-EU destination, no VAT will be charged.

All orders placed will be invoiced and charged in Euros (€).

If you are not familiar with Euros, you can use this currency converter.

If you chose to order on-line, a flat fee of 4.90-15.00 Euros (depending on the item) will be applied for handling, too which will be added a fee for standard shipping, based on the total amount of the order. However for some products that are heavy and/or large, shipping fees are much higher and vary considerably between areas. For these products, you will find two buttons, please select the one that corresponds to your zone, either USA or Europe. For standard shipping we choose the service from Deutsche Post. If you have special wishes for a trackable and faster shipping option via DHL, UPS or similar, please dont hestitate to ask.
If you chose not to order on-line, then please either phone us, or send us your order by Fax or E-mail, and we will inform you of the exact shipping charge that applies.

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