Here are my other vehicles ! Some say an SE is old and that an S1 is an ancestor, well in this case my other cars are from another era altogether !! :o)

I have a 1954 Volkswagen Beetle, which I completely took apart and restored, and I have an MG-A too, great little car, it was my first car. I got it for real cheap, read wrist-watch money, but it was in very poor shape indeed. I took it completely apart, it was in a million bits in my garage. After a few years of sourcing parts, building some, and countless hours cleaning and polishing those that could be kept, I eventually put it all back together in one piece. When I finally turned the ignition key, it started first time ! :o) I learned a lot while rebuilding this car, and have not stopped working on cars since, it's addictive !! :o)

The last addition to my collection is a Lotus Elite !! I found it in the US, the previous owner restored it to concours level, she is now truly as good as new, looks fabulous inside out ! :o)

I have a great little vehicle too. When all my other cars are off the road waiting for parts, I use this one....never lets me down...and is great in summer... :o)

The Beetle

The MG-A

The Elite

As the pics below can attest, she is in absolutely like new condition, every screw of her shines more than gold ! :-)


The Outsider....