So I have had 3 Esprits over the years. My first one was a Red Turbo SE with a beautiful cream interior. I eventually sold it to "upgrade" to the Red S4s. The SE was my very first Esprit so I am still a bit sad sometimes and I wish she was still by my side... :o( But I wanted the sportier S4s and once, I came across a really perfect example, really pristine, so I made the jump. But the S4s was way too pretty to be true, so I felt the need to crash it badly (while testing a new ECU chip..........). Thankfully, although the car was a write-off, I sold it to a good friend of mine who managed to repair it perfectly, using tons of elbow oil and love. So, this Esprit is now alive again ! :o) However, this provided a very convenient excuse to buy yet again a different model.....a V8 !!! As you can see, it's silver with a black interior. It has no wing, and the new style interior, too, it's a GT.

The Turbo SE


The S4s

The V8-GT